About the team

Matthew Karas

CEO and Founder

Specialist in speech recognition and large-scale media operations.

Karas has led the development of many of several of the UK and world's largest internet-based media operations, from BBC News Online to ITV's catch-up service. In parallel with developing and running massively scalable systems, he has remained at the cutting edge of technology.

While Chief Executive at Dremedia Limited (ultimately acquired by Autonomy) from 2001 to 2003, several patents concerning synchronised, multi-modal indexing were granted from Karas's inventions. These are now owned by Hewlett-Packard. The company achieved $1.3m revenue in its first year, which included product development from scratch.

Karas has a BA (1st Class) in Philosophy from UCL and an MPhil in Computer Speech and Language Processing from Cambridge University.

John Lutkin

COO and founder

Specialist in sales to government and regulated industries.

Lutkin began his career in the nuclear industry, moving into telecoms in late 1980s. He led the deployment of DictaPlus, a medical and legal automated transcription service. He has a BSc (1st Class) in Mathematics from QMUL and an MSc in Cognitive Science from the University of Manchester.

Josh Greifer

Engineering Lead

Specialist in signal processing

Greifer is a software engineer who has specialised in signal processing for several decades. He has developed significant systems in extremely diverse sectors. He was the original architect of the audio components of music production system, Cubase, and developed a method of diagnosing atrial fibrillation from the output of a pulsoximeter, at a fraction of the cost of an ECG.

Greifer has BA in Philosophy with Cognitive Science from the University of Sussex

Jason Birch,

Systems Architect (Advisory)

Specialist in the design of massively scalable media handling systems

Birch is a senior software developer with decades of experience of building massively scalable solutions for media handling. He is a specialist both in complex integration of diverse systems based of wide-ranging technologies, and in creating novel algorithms to optimise processes at a low level, to run more efficiently than the orthodox systems which often take a naive interpretation of business logic. These two skills combined, have given us the edge in providing operational benefits to our customers over our competitors. For instance, BBC News replaced its file replication system with software written by Jason, to ensure that all of its web-servers around the world are exactly in sync.


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